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Where are you now? Where do you want to be and why? How are you going to get there? Strategic communications means infusing communications efforts with an agenda and a master plan. Typically, that master plan involves promoting the brand of an organisation, urging people to carry out specific actions, or advocating your services and products. Blue-C offers workshops to help identify key messages and market differentiators to develop a master communications plan tailored to each individual client. We assist you all the way from story discovery, to message development and execution.



Blue-C was given the task to globally promote Jotun’s launch of its Hull Skating Solutions (HSS), a breakthrough in proactive cleaning offering shipowners unbeatable hull performance, efficiency and OPEX, with an enhanced environmental footprint.

The campaign was broken into three segments:
A six-article series written by Blue-C to prepare the target audience for the launch of the HSS. The articles focused on the shipping industry’s current marine biofouling initiatives, how they fall short of eliminating the transfer of invasive species and decreasing CO2 emissions.

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A series of articles to show how Jotun HSS technology helps manage the challenges and demands of vessel biofouling.
Write launch press release and handle press attendance at Jotun kick-off event

Manage a nine-city PR strategy* which included:
Dedicated press attendance
– Chosen local press or preferred correspondent(s)
– Interviews and articles

Dedicated interview ideas and appropriate Jotun interviewee
– Interview with stakeholders concerned about issues HSS solves eg.port authorities, global climate organisations, national maritime authorities

Video / TV
– Filming of each city event for later use in marketing and promotion activities eg. Maritime Reporter / full-scale interview and filming.
– Podcasts / SoMe
* these events were cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions

Result: Highly successful campaign with extensive press coverage worldwide.


There’s nothing interesting about everybody being the same. Why try and fit in when you can celebrate the very essence of what makes you you?

The Swedish Club Norway, together with Blue-C, realised this, as it looked to create standout in the marine mutual insurance segment, a sector defined by a perceived conservatism and uniformity.

The client wanted to make people stop and think about their marine insurance provider. To realise that individual companies could offer individual services – that choosing the right partner now could pay real long-term dividends.

Blue-C decided it was time to think a little differently …

Blue-C conducted a series of meetings with The Swedish Club to get under the skin of the business, distilling their unique qualities into crisp and memorable messages that emphasised the team’s commitment, expertise and personal care. These were then wrapped into a sales campaign that challenged potential clients to ‘spot the difference’ between The Swedish Club and its competitors. Shipowners have been thinking twice before placing their insurance policies ever since.


Position, position, position. It’s just as important in marketing as it is in the property business. Every company needs to determine its market position before it can realise its full potential. But to build that position you have to put firm foundations in place. You must: Figure out your point of difference; decide which customers you serve the best; and find your place in the competitive landscape.

Formed in 2003, OceanSaver is recognised for BWT excellence and understanding within the medium to large size vessel segment. The company offers total BWT expertise, including first class service standards and an unwavering commitment to meeting individual requirements and fulfilling promises.

OceanSaver believes that its technical leadership, quality of results and a dedication to deliver truly differentiates it from the competitors. It wants shipowners and yards to recognise those same unique attributes too.

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Blue-C was charged with finding a positioning statement to reflect the company’s ability, heritage and future promise. After meeting senior management, sales and technical personnel our team determined that OceanSaver needed to focus on its quality proposition rather than solely competing on price. This was a specialist firm; a 100% BWT thoroughbred with a team that’s full service expert offering set them apart from the competition. As a result we landed on The Premier Supplier of BWT Expertise, an idea that, backed up by detailed and engaging copy and key messages, rolled out across brochures, product sheets, sales, and event and exhibition material (all of which our team wrote, designed and produced). In a market that is still in its infancy, OceanSaver’s position is a clarion call to potential clients, assuring them that here is a supplier offering quality, expertise and performance they can absolutely rely on.

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