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Blue-C delivers everything from press releases to promotional campaigns, in-depth thought leadership articles, editorial features, CEO profiles, white papers, corporate publications, branding statements, speech writing and much more. Whatever your English-language content needs, we have the solution – with unique text, written with style, integrity, personality and a commitment to helping you reach your commercial goals. We also offer expert editing, translating and publishing services to help you get your message out to the people that count.

Ocean industry experts

Assisting clients with their communication and PR challenges begins with an in-depth understanding of the industries in which they work. We are the only Scandinavian communications and PR company to organise ourselves along the same industry lines as clients. That means we speak the same language and you don’t have to explain industry-specific terminology. Our industry-focused approach allows us to provide a knowledgeable perspective on the issues and complex market challenges you face. We serve clients in a wide spectrum of ocean industry sectors, such as shipping, offshore, aquaculture, biomarine and energy.


The shipping industry is considered to be a catalyst for economic development, as it facilitates 90 % of world trade. The existence of reliable water transportation has been a key to the economic and political well-being of most nations throughout history – and that will continue to be the case with Shipping 4.0 on the pathway to decarbonisation. Clients we serve include owners and operators, major OEMs, equipment/technology companies and other providers of essential maritime services from class to finance.


To meet increasing energy demand globally, although hydrocarbons will continue to be a key source of energy for some time to come, huge investments are being made in clean renewable energy sources like offshore wind. The offshore industry is implementing next-generation digital and remote technologies as it continues maximise production from existing reserves while in offshore wind, huge efforts are underway to bring down the levelized cost of energy for the benefit of everyone. Clients we serve operate within E&P services, classification and equipment providers.

Aquaculture & Biomarine

The sea has been a reliable source of healthy protein over the centuries. Aquaculture is the fastest-growing food-producing sector, accounting for nearly 50% of the world’s food fish. Today’s biomarine environment is pivotal to the sustainable supply of energy and food for the future. Clients we assist operate within and supply services to the international aquaculture and biomarine industries.

Corporate communications

Blue-C journalists are professional corporate writers specialising in B2B writing and content marketing; content that engages readers and promotes clients as credible, reliable and trustworthy. We enjoy the challenge of explaining complex technical topics in simple language and work directly with you to develop high-quality content. Our journalists have written for more than a hundred clients from various global industries, ranging from ocean industries to real estate and the travel industry. We write annual reports, white papers, sponsored content, speeches, video scripts and much more for a variety of clients in different industries.

Our vision

Blue-C believes in working with brands that matter. We carefully select Client Partners who benefit their industry through technology and innovation. Then we do our part by uncovering the best way to share your stories with key target audiences.

Our client partners

Blue-C works with game changers; companies that look beyond the bottom line and provide value for the industries they serve and wider society. We are your biggest evangelist and we pride ourselves on building authentic long-lasting relationships.

Our approach

Blue-C works creatively to materialise your goals. We help you all the way from story discovery to message development and execution. Then we leverage the right communications channel, including SoMe, to reach your target group. We get you recognised in the right place at the right time, in the right way.

Meet the team

Blue-C gets you recognised. It’s that simple. We uncover the overlooked and give fresh perspective on the understated. We cultivate stories and media events that matter. We get you into the market.

Christina Dupré Roos

Partner / Press Relation Manager

Alexander Wardwell

Partner / Senior Editor

Alan Johnstone

Senior Editor/Advisor

Kari Lybæk

Office Manager / Production Project Manager

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