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Blue-C is the leading maritime and business-to-business PR & communications agency in the Nordics. We boast a skilled team of writers and media professionals with native English-language expertise and long experience delivering a diverse range of content for blue-chip companies across the entire spectrum of ocean industries.

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Every day you demand PR and communication solutions to boost your brand awareness. We work side-by-side to accomplish your marketing objectives while building lasting relationships with the media and target groups.

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Blue-C has the expertise, network and know-how to deliver quality content and PR tailored to your individual communications needs.

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Blue-C delivers everything from press releases to promotional campaigns, in-depth thought leadership articles, editorial features, CEO profiles, white papers, corporate publications, branding statements, speech writing and much more. Whatever your English-language content needs, we have the solution – with unique text, written with style, integrity, personality and a commitment to helping you reach your commercial goals. We also offer expert editing, translating and publishing services to help you get your message out to the people that count.

Ocean industry experts
Assisting clients with their communication and PR challenges begins with an in-depth understanding of the industries in which they work. We are the only Scandinavian communications and PR company to organise ourselves along the same industry lines as clients. That means we speak the same language and you don’t have to explain industry-specific terminology. Our industry-focused approach allows us to provide a knowledgeable perspective on the issues and complex market challenges you face. We serve clients in a wide spectrum of ocean industry sectors, such as shipping, offshore, aquaculture, biomarine and energy.



The shipping industry is considered to be a catalyst for economic development, as it facilitates 90 % of world trade. The existence of reliable water transportation has been a key to the economic and political well-being of most nations throughout history – and that will continue to be the case with Shipping 4.0 on the pathway to decarbonisation. Clients we serve include owners and operators, major OEMs, equipment/technology companies and other providers of essential maritime services from class to finance.


To meet increasing energy demand globally, although hydrocarbons will continue to be a key source of energy for some time to come, huge investments are being made in clean renewable energy sources like offshore wind. The offshore industry is implementing next-generation digital and remote technologies as it continues maximise production from existing reserves while in offshore wind, huge efforts are underway to bring down the levelized cost of energy for the benefit of everyone. Clients we serve operate within E&P services, classification and equipment providers.

Offshore / OIL & GAS
Aquaculture & Biomarine

Aquaculture & Biomarine

The sea has been a reliable source of healthy protein over the centuries. Aquaculture is the fastest-growing food-producing sector, accounting for nearly 50% of the world’s food fish. Today’s biomarine environment is pivotal to the sustainable supply of energy and food for the future. Clients we assist operate within and supply services to the international aquaculture and biomarine industries.

Corporate communications

Blue-C journalists are professional corporate writers specialising in B2B writing and content marketing; content that engages readers and promotes clients as credible, reliable and trustworthy. We enjoy the challenge of explaining complex technical topics in simple language and work directly with you to develop high-quality content. Our journalists have written for more than a hundred clients from various global industries, ranging from ocean industries to real estate and the travel industry. We write annual reports, white papers, sponsored content, speeches, video scripts and much more for a variety of clients in different industries.

Corporate communications

Meet the team

Blue-C gets you recognised. It’s that simple. We uncover the overlooked and give fresh perspective on the understated. We cultivate stories and media events that matter. We get you into the market.

Our vision: Blue-C believes in working with brands that matter. We carefully select Client Partners who benefit their industry through technology and innovation. Then we do our part by uncovering the best way to share your stories with key target audiences.

Our client partners: Blue-C works with game changers; companies that look beyond the bottom line and provide value for the industries they serve and wider society. We are your biggest evangelist and we pride ourselves on building authentic long-lasting relationships.

Our approach: Blue-C works creatively to materialise your goals. We help you all the way from story discovery to message development and execution. Then we leverage the right communications channel, including SoMe, to reach your target group. We get you recognised in the right place at the right time, in the right way.

Reverse the bad

Blue C is a proud sponsor of “Reverse the bad”. Mark Ervin Fuhrmann is swapping a business suit for a wet suit as he sets out on the first ever kayak round-trip of the challenging 10,500km ‘Greater Loop’. In doing so, he aims to raise over EURO 100,000 for Doctors Without Borders and Captains Without Borders.


Kent Erik Dahl Kristiansen
Managing Director
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Get recognised at the right time

Rolls Royce
Meet Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce needs no introduction. One of the world’s leading brands and synonymous with high quality products, Rolls-Royce retains its market position through investment, innovation and a passion to provide “better power for a changing world.” Its LNG pure gas engines are a case in point.

Power to the people

High performance, efficiency and environmental protection – it’s a powerful proposition to take to the market. Rolls-Royce Marine wanted to showcase its unique LNG engines to a global audience and, with help from Blue-C, targeted respected shipping and offshore publications as a means of connecting with customers.

It’s ALL about YOU

Blue-C invited 19 world-leading shipping journalists to the west coast of Norway to see Rolls-Royce’s engines in action. The three-day tour was packed with presentations, vessel and office visits, and meetings between client executives and the people with the power to drive awareness and understanding of their ground-breaking solutions. With great feedback, coverage and fresh media relationships, Rolls-Royce got recognised.


Become an agenda setter

Meet DNV

DNV is focused on the future. Many established industry leaders play on their past, but DNV believes its expertise and insight can lead the way to a better tomorrow. Through a combination of classification, certification, technical assurance, independent advisory services and software products, DNV has the knowledge and scale to facilitate safer, smarter and greener operations throughout the global maritime industry.

Taking A Broader View

Business as usual is not an option. To survive and prosper in new market realities, companies have to evolve in line with demands and requirements. To do so they must adapt to the challenges and opportunities arising from the dynamic relationships between technology, business and society. Understanding that ever-increasing complexity is the key to success, and the principal motivation for DNV’s Future of Shipping report.

It’s ALL about YOU

Blue-C worked with DNV to produce this publication, made up of six in-depth reports: From Technology to Innovation, Adaption to a Changing Climate, The Future of Shipping, Electrifying the Future, and The Arctic. Our bespoke editorial services helped the client position itself as a true agenda setter in its segment. Readers, meanwhile, received invaluable insights into the global trends and potential game-changers poised to mould the future of their industry.


Inspire a global audience

Kongsberg Maritime
Meet Kongsberg Maritime

One third of the world is covered by land, the rest is covered by Kongsberg Maritime (KM). KM specialises in the provision of innovative and reliable marine technology, leading the world in areas including dynamic positioning and navigation, marine automation, safety management, cargo handling, subsea survey and construction, and maritime simulation and training.

Providing The Full Picture

KM believes in the power of great editorial – content that engages and interests readers, while communicating defined corporate messages. Its customer magazine, The Full Picture, is both a company showcase and a valued read, detailing worldwide operations, case studies and industry developments to a high-level executive audience of 7,500 recipients.

It’s ALL about YOU

Blue-C goes where KM does. Our editorial team travel the world to talk to, and write about, KM customers who perform demanding tasks in harsh operational environments. In close collaboration with the client, Blue-C handles the full package for the Full Picture – from ideas, to copy production, design and printing. It’s an added value service for an added value magazine.


Communicate for lasting results

Meet Optimarin

Optimarin is ballast water treatment (BWT). The company was the first to install a commercial marine BWT system, in 2000, and has spent 100% of its time, not to mention many millions of USD, developing a reliable solution that is simple, flexible and easy to install. Today the firm has sold more than 320 systems and installed close to 180, including handling more retrofits that any other player on the market.

Capital talks

A good journalist is always looking for a story. If you have something interesting to say they will listen. The trick is in defining your messages, contacting the right people and gaining an audience. For this task, Optimarin looks to Blue-C. We recently set up a day of one-to-one meetings in London between Optimarin and leading shipping journalists, giving the business the chance to generate coverage and influence audiences worldwide.

It’s ALL about YOU

The result was overwhelming. Optimarin’s technical expertise, customer understanding and market knowledge shone through; convincing every single journalist they had found the story they were looking for. As a result, Optimarin featured prominently in all targeted publications, cementing its position as a market leader and trusted long-term partner for BWT. One day, lasting results, that’s the impact of the right media strategy.


Powering ahead

ABB Marine and Ports

Perhaps best known for their Azipod propulsion systems, ABB Marine and Ports is a leading producer of innovative power, propulsion and automation systems for a global network of vessels and ports.

To help them celebrate 130 years of marine and ports innovation, Blue-C produced a 220-page coffee table book for ABB, to the delight of clients and colleagues alike. We also wrote and produced the latest edition of Generations, their annual customer appreciation magazine, in addition to helping ABB Marine organise various press events around the world over the years.


Producing the Penguins


From its home base in Sandefjord, Norway, Jotun has grown into a global paint powerhouse, with production in 90 countries on all continents. Since 2006, Blue-C has produced Jotun’s Group Reports and has been providing content for the company’s internal magazine (Penguin) since 2010.

In addition, Blue-C has produced press releases covering the company’s business in the Marine and Protective Coatings segments and has written and produced a history book, celebrating the company’s 90th Anniversary.


Inspiring a global audience

Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime (KM) specializes in the provision of innovative and reliable marine technology, leading the world in areas including dynamic positioning, navigation, safety management, and maritime simulation and training.

KM believes in the power of great editorial. Its customer magazine, The Full Picture, is both a company showcase and a value-added read for a high-level executive audience of 7,500 recipients. Blue-C handles the full package for the Full Picture – from ideas, to copy production, design and printing. We also provide KM with promotional material and services whenever, and wherever needed.


Becoming an agenda setter


Though DNV has a long and storied past, the organization is always looking to create a safer, smarter and greener future for the industry. By offering a combination of classification, certification, technical assurance, independent advisory services and software products, DNV is recognised as one of the industry’s leading class societies.

Blue-C has produced content for various DNV publications (including Forum and Maritime Impact) for many years. In 2014, Blue-C worked hand-in-hand with DNV to produce the “Future of Shipping” report, which detailed how new technologies and ICT innovations are likely to impact the industry. Our bespoke editorial services helped position DNV GL as a true agenda setter, while readers got invaluable insights into global trends and potential game-changers in the maritime industry.


The Leading Maritime Event Week


Held every other year in Oslo, Nor-Shipping remains a “can’t miss” exhibition for the maritime industry. Since 2005, Blue-C has managed the Press Office at Nor-Shipping, known globally as ‘The Leading Maritime Event Week’. In addition, Blue-C has assisted in the preparations for Nor-Shipping’s Opening Conference and Offshore Agenda events, and has supplied content for print publications and other marketing channels.


Optimal coverage


From ballast water treatment (BWT) pioneer to market leader, Optimarin has built a global presence from its hometown Stavanger. Blue-C has been with them all the way, partnering the business for the last six years to drive awareness and sales for its environmentally friendly UV based technology. We provide press releases, articles, advertising, marketing material, and a powerful market presence for this ambitious business.


New thinkers


Xeneta is a rising star. The benchmarking and market intelligence platform for containerized ocean freight provides a unique service – giving users an unrivalled real-time insight into a market that changes almost daily. Blue-C gives them the profile their product deserves, writing press releases and placing articles to explain and promote their proposition worldwide. The business has now been touted as “the most promising maritime company in Norway,” while Xeneta CEO Patrik Berglund won the 2016 Lloyd’s List Next Generation Shipping Award.


A new vision

The Fjords

The Fjords engaged Blue-C to launch its spectacular futuristic carbon fibre tourist vessel “Vision of the Fjords” to the maritime and tourism media. Through a combination of marketing documents, press releases and customized press tours, the vessel sailed off with global coverage in keeping with its eye-catching design. Following on from its launch, Vision of the Fjords went on to win the coveted Ship of the Year 2016 accolade at SMM in Hamburg.


On the Map


NAVTOR is helping steer the maritime industry in a new direction, realizing the immense benefits of e-navigation for vessel and fleet efficiency, safety and cost control. Blue-C is on-board to inform the market of NAVTOR’s ambitions, constant innovation and product launches, producing everything from press releases and articles, to brochures and video voiceovers.


A green giant sets sail


Owners of the world’s first LNG-fueled pure car and truck carrier, AUTO ECO, United European Car Carriers entrusted Blue-C to help tell the world about this revolutionary green giant. Brochures, event support, web texts and press releases got the word out.<



Content is king, now more than ever. If you want to connect with, influence and build the base for your products and services you need to find a way to engage one-on-one with your stakeholders. Quality text, from press releases to corporate storytelling, is the key.

You are unique. Your business offers something different than the competition, something special. Our goal as corporate writing experts is to help you determine what that is, and how to communicate it.

Our writers will find the right tone and content for your audience. From crisp web copy to polished text for brochures, corporate magazines and marketing material, we give people and search engines a reason to return.


• Press releases
• Editorials
• Thought leaders
• Feature articles
• Profiles
• Sponsored content
• Speeches

• Pitches
• Blogs
• SoMe
• Event teasers
• Advertising
• Slogans and taglines
• Video scripts

• Annual Reports
• White Papers
• Newsletter content
• Presentations
• Brochures
• Communication kit
• Books

• Web texts
• Invitations
• Bios
• Podcasts
• Product description writing

Great content drives targeted traffic to your website, provides value to your readers and customers and leads visitors to complete your call to action.


Blue-C's team of seasoned writers have been contributing commissioned articles for DNV’s online magazine Maritime Impact for many years.

Informative stories from across industry segments focus on hot topics from digitalisation and decarbonisation to energy efficiency, operational performance, safety and regulations, highlighting how DNV’s expertise and insight help customers successfully navigate complex challenges and achieve best practice.


Featured in DNV’s CRUISE UPDATE, the Quantum of the Seas story was written by Blue-C partner and senior writer, Alex Wardwell. Commissioned by DNV, Blue-C conducted interviews with RCCL, Meyer Werft and DNV to get the inside story about Royal Caribbean’s groundbreaking vessel, which has set a new standard for excellence in the cruise industry.

DNV is not alone. Blue-C currently works for over 50 ocean industry companies each year, writing and editing hundreds of pages of text each month.

GC Rieber


Even hard news stories can sell softly, if they’re positioned correctly and well informed – something that Blue-C prides itself on being able to achieve. However, it’s feature articles that allow brands to really take centre stage, mixing factual information with the stories and people behind products and services to build awareness, communicate benefits and drive business.

Blue-C can define, write and pitch your story to leading maritime publications to give you a unique media showcase. GC Rieber benefitted from that skill-set when The Maritime Professional chose Blue-C’s Alan Johnstone to write a feature story about the company, its dynamic CEO Irene Basili and its ability to conquer the extremes within the shipping industry.



Where are you now? Where do you want to be and why? How are you going to get there?

Strategic communications means infusing communications efforts with an agenda and a master plan. Typically, that master plan involves promoting the brand of an organisation, urging people to carry out specific actions, or advocating your services and products.

Blue-C offers workshops to help identify key messages and market differentiators to develop a master communications plan tailored to each individual client. We assist you all the way from story discovery, to message development and execution.

• Help YOU achieve your overall organisational objectives
• Engage effectively with stakeholders
• Demonstrate the success of your work
• Ensure people understand what YOU do
• Change behaviour and perceptions where necessary

• Strategy
• Concept development
• Communication plan
• Campaigns
• Key messaging and editorial strategy
• PR and content plan
• Branding


Blue-C was given the task to globally promote Jotun’s launch of its Hull Skating Solutions (HSS), a breakthrough in proactive cleaning offering shipowners unbeatable hull performance, efficiency and OPEX, with an enhanced environmental footprint.

The campaign was broken into three segments:
A six-article series written by Blue-C to prepare the target audience for the launch of the HSS. The articles focused on the shipping industry’s current marine biofouling initiatives, how they fall short of eliminating the transfer of invasive species and decreasing CO2 emissions.
A series of articles to show how Jotun HSS technology helps manage the challenges and demands of vessel biofouling.
Write launch press release and handle press attendance at Jotun kick-off event

Manage a nine-city PR strategy* which included:
Dedicated press attendance
- Chosen local press or preferred correspondent(s)
- Interviews and articles

Dedicated interview ideas and appropriate Jotun interviewee
- Interview with stakeholders concerned about issues HSS solves eg.port authorities, global climate organisations, national maritime authorities

Video / TV
- Filming of each city event for later use in marketing and promotion activities eg. Maritime Reporter / full-scale interview and filming.
- Podcasts / SoMe
* these events were cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions

Result: Highly successful campaign with extensive press coverage worldwide.

The Swedish Club

There’s nothing interesting about everybody being the same. Why try and fit in when you can celebrate the very essence of what makes you you?

The Swedish Club Norway, together with Blue-C, realised this, as it looked to create standout in the marine mutual insurance segment, a sector defined by a perceived conservatism and uniformity.

The client wanted to make people stop and think about their marine insurance provider. To realise that individual companies could offer individual services – that choosing the right partner now could pay real long-term dividends.

Blue-C decided it was time to think a little differently …

Blue-C conducted a series of meetings with The Swedish Club to get under the skin of the business, distilling their unique qualities into crisp and memorable messages that emphasised the team’s commitment, expertise and personal care. These were then wrapped into a sales campaign that challenged potential clients to ‘spot the difference’ between The Swedish Club and its competitors. Shipowners have been thinking twice before placing their insurance policies ever since.



Position, position, position. It’s just as important in marketing as it is in the property business. Every company needs to determine its market position before it can realise its full potential. But to build that position you have to put firm foundations in place. You must: Figure out your point of difference; decide which customers you serve the best; and find your place in the competitive landscape.

Formed in 2003, OceanSaver is recognised for BWT excellence and understanding within the medium to large size vessel segment. The company offers total BWT expertise, including first class service standards and an unwavering commitment to meeting individual requirements and fulfilling promises.

OceanSaver believes that its technical leadership, quality of results and a dedication to deliver truly differentiates it from the competitors. It wants shipowners and yards to recognise those same unique attributes too.

Blue-C was charged with finding a positioning statement to reflect the company’s ability, heritage and future promise. After meeting senior management, sales and technical personnel our team determined that OceanSaver needed to focus on its quality proposition rather than solely competing on price. This was a specialist firm; a 100% BWT thoroughbred with a team that’s full service expert offering set them apart from the competition. As a result we landed on The Premier Supplier of BWT Expertise, an idea that, backed up by detailed and engaging copy and key messages, rolled out across brochures, product sheets, sales, and event and exhibition material (all of which our team wrote, designed and produced). In a market that is still in its infancy, OceanSaver’s position is a clarion call to potential clients, assuring them that here is a supplier offering quality, expertise and performance they can absolutely rely on.



PR is all about YOU, defining opinions and building reputation to drive survival and achievement. It’s about promotion and success. It’s about honesty, understanding and information. It’s about building and deepening relationships with key market stakeholders, from customers and suppliers, to employees, investors and journalists.

We get you recognised in the right place at the right time, utilising what is widely regarded as the best press network in the maritime and other ocean industries.

Blue-C helps YOU optimise your investment in content and determine the best distribution channel. Creating content distribution strategies is probably the most important activity for a PR professional.

With the largest database of maritime and business-to-business media contacts worldwide, Blue-C can offer global distribution of press releases and other corporate content. Our extensive network means we can tailor distribution of content to effectively reach your target group. And make a difference where it matters most.

In addition, we have our own unique network of over 200 journalists from the maritime and mainstream press. We are proud to say that we know them personally, knowing exactly who to contact to get you the exposure your company deserves.


• Press tours
• Press conferences
• ImmediaSea - roundtable press event
• One-to-one interviews
• Press briefings
• Press releases
• Press relations
• Press office organizing

• Product launch
• Media buying
• Global distribution
• Strategic PR consulting, planning & implementation
• Special events designed for industry-specific outreach
• Media relations / placement
• Content (press materials, speeches, bylines, op-eds, promotional copy)

Looking to showcase your maritime hub or company, contact: Christina Dupré Roos, christina@blue-c.no



Blue-C is a media matchmaker. We introduce companies that have stories to tell with journalists that want to write them. The result, more often that not, is the beginning of long-term, fruitful and mutually beneficial relationships.

In 2014 we decided to play cupid in Holland. The Dutch maritime and offshore sector is a hotbed of innovation, with world-leading manufacturers of high-end yachts and specialised vessels, and a working inland fleet greater than that of any other European country. We handpicked a group of journalists and editors perfectly positioned to connect companies in the Dutch cluster with global audiences, arranging a tour guaranteed to generate interest, opinion and column inches.

Damen Shipyard, Sea Trucks Group, Port of Rotterdam, SBM Offshore, Huisman Equipment, Mammoet Europe, IHC Meerwede, Pon Power, and Ulstein Sea of Solutions all got involved, hosting the group and seizing a unique chance to showcase their latest developments. The journalists, in turn, seized their opportunity to be ‘up close and personal’ with these industry leaders, getting stories in the short-term and building contacts for the long run. A match made in heaven, in other words.

Blue-C Press tour

No one does subsea like Norway.

In a nation so closely connected to its offshore industry, there’s a burning passion for reaching new heights in solutions and services that optimise results below sea level. The Norwegian Centres of Expertise (NCE) Subsea wanted to shout about this ability to the global market, building cluster profile while promoting individual members. Blue-C came in to ensure the media world was listening.

Our press team worked closely with the overall organisation and members such as DNV-GL, Statoil, FMC Technologies, One Subsea and DOF Subsea to create a memorable three-day press event for leading international publications.

Aside from the ‘intangibles’ of cementing relationships and spreading knowledge throughout the media, the activity also had one very tangible result - more than 60 pages of news and features in leading publications.

No one does press tours like Blue-C.



Brazil is a land of opportunity, but you have to know your way around it to make meaningful discoveries. Blue-C decided to help international journalists chart the dynamic offshore industry there with a week-long tour of key players in and around Rio de Janeiro.

Some 20 journalists gathered from across the globe to join us, meeting companies such as Petrobas, Wärtsilä Brasil Ltda, ABS, Rolls-Royce Marine – Brazil, Maersk Supply Service, and Statoil do Brasil Ltda. The tour was a major success, giving participants a one-off window into a national industry that, in 2015, is expected to account for some 21% of global offshore CAPEX spending.


Kent Erik Dahl Kristiansen

Kent Erik Dahl Kristiansen

Kent Erik Dahl Kristiansen is the Managing Director at Blue-C.

"+47 92 84 52 10



Mark Fuhrmann

Mark Fuhrmann

Born in Canada, Mark began writing in 1993 while a journalism and communications major at Southern California College in Los Angeles. Since then, he has worked as the Scandinavian Correspondent for Lloyds of London Press, founded two companies within maritime publishing and PR & Communications and written extensively for more than 50 Nordic companies in the maritime and offshore segments.

"+47 90 15 30 03



Christina Dupré Roos

Christina Dupré Roos

Christina worked with INTERTANKO for 15 years prior to her 16 year track record within maritime PR. She has conducted over 70 press tours for shipping and offshore journalists and is press responsible for Nor-Shipping, a position that she has held for 15 consecutive years. Christina has arranged and led press tours in Houston, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Murmansk, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Hamburg, London and various maritime hubs around Norway. She is regularly called up by leading global companies to arrange press events for selected maritime and offshore journalists.

"+47 93 63 44 49



Alexander Wardwell

Alexander Wardwell

Alexander has been writing for multinational international companies for more than a decade, specializing in the maritime, energy and offshore industries. Raised in New York City, Wardwell received his BA from Kenyon College in Ohio, and his MFA in creative writing from the University of Virginia. He divides his time between Oslo and London.

"+47 41 55 15 67



Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall

Steve is a UK-born and educated journalist with more than 30 years’ experience in business writing covering diverse topics across a range of different industries. Having moved to Norway in 1991, he has worked as a journalist with leading shipping and offshore publications TradeWinds and Upstream, both part of NHST Media Group. He has also developed PR writing expertise on numerous B2B projects for various clients, mainly in the shipping and energy sectors, from his experience in maritime media consultancy.

"+47 91 78 80 68



Alan Johnstone

Alan Johnstone

Scottish-born Alan has more than a decade of writing experience garnered from business-to-business and consumer magazines and websites. Having spent the majority of his working life in Manchester, England – where he edited three separate magazines and one B2B online news resource – he relocated to Oslo and has since written for a variety of Norwegian clients in the maritime, energy and communications sectors.

"+47 46 95 48 39



Roddy Craig

Roddy Craig

Roddy is a British national with an international background derived from his family resident overseas for many years. During his career in London he worked in editorial management roles for leading global publishing houses, including Dorling Kindersley and Times Mirror/Mosby (now part of Elsevier), focusing on illustrated reference books and latterly multimedia. He relocated to Oslo to work for international shipping news provider TradeWinds, part of NHST Media Group, first as a desk editor and latterly chief production editor and full-time feature writer. Roddy enjoys the craft of writing, editing and translating, and supporting clients to get their message across.

"+47 97 08 11 79



Kari Lybæk

Kari Lybæk

Kari has over a decade of experience within the marketing and communications industry in Norway and nine years of planning expertise in Bahrain during the 90s. She manages major projects at Blue-C including Jotun’s Annual Report and ABB Marine and Ports’ corporate magazine.

"+47 92 83 11 25